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Filmnod.com is a website tailored for film lovers who like to keep their movie lists in one place. It helps you find your next movie to watch when you are unsure about your evening film. You can mark films watched and personalize the scores, you see and all in all build up a movie recommendation system which is designed for your specific needs.

Filter watched movies

You can add films to your watched list so you can filter out the films you have already watched. Sometimes its tiring browsing through already seen films when searching for something new. In the search you can easily switch the watched filter on and off to make the film hunt easier and quicker.

Browsing films

Searching for new films can be frustrating when you are not sure what to watch. With filmnod.com's search filter you can browse through movies by:

  • style (genre, subgenre)
  • term (theme, mood, keyword, plot, place)
  • people (actor, director, writer)
  • time (release date)
  • rating (vote)

Give feedback for better recommendations

Interacting with the site (adding films to you watchlists, giving instant feedback or writing a review and comment) will result in better and more precise recommendations based on your own taste.

Add your review

On the film detail page you can read the basic info, check the cast and crew, read reviews and look for similar films. If you want you can add a review with a 5-star scale.

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If you would like to contact us directly, you can use this email adress: filmnodspam @ spamfilmnod.com.